Loan for any purpose

We can get a loan for any purpose even on the day of submitting the application. The feature that characterizes this type of financial product and at the same time distinguishes it from a traditional bank loan is the fact that the borrower does not have to specify the purpose for which the money is to be allocated. The loan granting procedure is also usually less formalized than the bank granting procedure. Non-bank loan for any purpose – what is worth knowing about it?

A quick loan

A quick loan

A quick loan for any purpose is a financial product that must definitely be approached with a high degree of caution. When borrowing a certain amount of money, you usually have to pay back the borrowed amount plus interest due, usually for a short period of time, depending on the loan company ‘s offer. From a rational point of view, hardly anyone can afford such a loan. One of the possibilities offered by loan institutions is the possibility of spreading payments into installments.

Installment loan and informed borrowing rules

The solution decided by a significant number of borrowers is installment loan. Spreading the commitment over a longer period of time means that the home budget is not severely tarnished with the weekly or monthly repayment of the next installment.

Informed lending is based on certain rules. First, do not borrow more than we need. Secondly, the amount of the loan and repayment should be matched to our financial capabilities. What does it mean? The installment of the loan should not significantly burden your home finances. We cannot allow the situation that after paying the loan installment, we will no longer have enough funds for other obligations, e.g. rent or electricity. It is worth remembering when making a decision to take out a loan.

Despite the fact that non-bank loans do not have the best press, and some people even have negative associations with such loans, it is not bad to borrow money from non-bank companies. As economic advisor argues: We have two options: we collect money and spend what we have or borrow, buy and return to whoever lent us money. The most important question is: Am I able to repay a certain amount regularly? If it turns out that taking into account all the costs, I can – there is no reason to worry. We have to calculate, not count, that somehow it will be. Economic education is the key to solve many current problems.

Importantly, the borrower does not have to specify the purpose for which he takes out the loan. Such a financial product is freedom of choice. We borrow money and spend what we want, e.g. on new home appliances or electronics, spontaneous holidays or weekends, payment of bills and rent, buying fuel or holidays for children. A non-bank company is not interested in what we spend the money on. She only wants them to be returned within the period specified in the contract.

Who is a non-bank loan for any purpose?

Who is a non-bank loan for any purpose?

Who can get a non-bank loan for any purpose? Such commitment may be sought by persons who:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are natural persons, capable of legal actions
  • are Polish citizens, live in Poland and have an ID card
  • they can be full-time employees, work contracts, work contracts, retirees, pensioners, students, farmers – anyone who receives a positive assessment of their creditworthiness
  • it’s a loan for people who don’t want to explain why they need money
  • in an emergency – unexpected expense, illness of a family member, job loss, car repair, holiday trip, organization of holidays, etc.

Advantages of a loan for any purpose

What are the benefits of being able to take out a loan for any purpose:

  • no need to explain why we need money
  • the money can reach our account the same day the application is submitted
  • limiting formalities to a minimum
  • a choice: a quick loan for a short time or an installment
  • flexible loan period: from several to several dozen weeks
  • transaction security – a transparent agreement that contains all the necessary information, including APRC, terms of repayment, consequences of not repaying on time

Loan without a bank account

Every fifth Pole does not have their own bank account. Therefore, cannot such people count on the possibility of borrowing money for any purpose? Of course not. More and more non-bank companies, in order not to close themselves to such a large group of customers, are introducing non-bank loans that do not require having a bank account. Let us remind you that the basic condition that must be met by applicants for a traditional non-bank loan is having their own bank account.

It is worth reading this article before taking a loan: BIK – what is it, how to check your credit history in BIK?

So how can clients lend if they don’t have their own bank account? A home service loan may be a good solution here. Deciding on such a way to take out a non-bank loan, the sales representative of the loan company will bring us money home.

A loan for any purpose at home

A loan for any purpose at home

If for some reason we do not want to take advantage of a standard non-bank loan granted to a bank account or simply do not have a bank account, we can consider a loan with a home service. It’s a way to get quick cash straight to our home.

Advantages of a home loan?

  • Borrowing comfort – we don’t have to go anywhere, a company representative will come to our house with cash and a contract ready to sign.
  • Anonymity – loan companies are well aware that their clients value anonymity and do not want everyone to know about their financial problems. Therefore, a car with an advertisement from a non-bank company will not come to our house, but an ordinary car. Nobody will know who visited us.
  • Transparency of contract provisions – if we have any doubts after reading the contract, we can always talk about them with a representative of the non-bank company. A direct conversation with a representative of a loan company is one of the biggest advantages of a home loan.
  • Possibility to adjust the date of the visit – the borrower has the option to adjust the date of the visit to his own day plan. Thanks to this, the representative’s visit will not interfere with other obligations.
  • Payment method – a company representative comes for the money. So we don’t have to worry about the necessity of paying the installments of the liability. Some companies additionally allow repayment to a bank account. Then it is up to the customer to choose which form of payment suits him or her.