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Ranking of payday loans this year

Ranking of payday loans this year is a list of the best online loans. Thanks to such comparisons it is possible to choose the best offer among all the offers available on the financial market. Each statement is characterized by variables defining a given product. See how payday loans work online. And so the interest rate, loan size, type of contract, and additional costs affect the ranking.

These are the most important elements that help us make the perfect choice. Guided by the ranking of payday loans in this year, we have the opportunity to compare current changes on the short-term loans market. As a rule, many companies very often change their predisposition to inference to gain a new pool of consumers.

Ranking of payday loans this year

Ranking of payday loans January 2020

Thanks to the rankings, we have the opportunity to compare the product and choose what we need on this basis. Information on local cash transactions. By choosing this year from the payday loans ranking, we can save a lot of time because all relevant data we use when choosing cash is at hand. Even if the ranking includes a list of 40-50 non-bank companies providing payday loans, we can efficiently and quickly decide on the most optimal offer for us.

Offers also stand out because of the amount of cash we can receive. New payday loans on the online market. For the first loans, many companies use a simplified interest form eliminating this inconvenience from the contract. Hence, it is worth reviewing the ranking of payday loans this year to find out which company introduced free loans and which introduced additional bonuses when taking payday loans.

From this it is easy to notice that the ranking of payday loans this year is a very favorable combination that allows you to get current information about the product and its profits.

Loan news for an online Credit

Loan news for an online Credit

The lists contain the best financial opportunities that will allow you to temporarily increase your budget. Holidays, shopping, unexpected expenses sometimes get in our way when there is a shortage of cash. Thanks to the payday rankings, we can safely and easily make the right choice. It is thanks to such information that we can choose an offer that stands out from the competition.

It is better and more practical to choose from one reliable statement on one website than to compare offers from 50 pages and write down the most important information on a piece of paper. How we use good assistance. Thanks to payday rankings, we will save time and often also money because we will choose the offer with the best interest rate. Then all we have to do is send the application to the lender and enjoy fast cash on our account.

5 Reasons Credit Cards Are Rejected, Even though You Have a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score will provide you with a range of benefits, one of which is to get a low interest rate when applying for a loan.

The problem is that despite having a good credit score, credit card applications are still rejected and not approved.

What’s going on here? Well, the 5 reasons below might be the reason why credit cards are rejected despite having a good credit score.

You have no income

You have no income

The credit card issuer needs to verify your income and ability to pay credit. Therefore, those who do not have income will find it difficult to get a credit card.

The reason for the refusal is understandable because the card issuer wants to ensure that they will be paid back for any existing debt.

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

If you have had financial problems with a credit card issuer or lender in the past, then this might be the reason why your credit card application was declined.

Even if you have now repaired the credit, your credit history in the past will still be recorded and known.

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is one of the factors that determine the health of your credit. Ideally, you should take advantage of credit at 30% of the limit obtained.

You are not a customer who gives a profit

In the end the reason credit card issuers do not accept submissions because you are deemed unprofitable for them.

Maybe it’s because you don’t use a previously-owned credit card or prefer to take part in a low interest program when there is a promotion. Remember that, credit card issuing banks look for consumers that allow them to generate income.

Have Many Credit Cards

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

Having too many credit cards can be a bad thing because it means consumers are trying to get more credit and it is likely to be difficult to repay.

What are the benefits of credit cards? If you can not control spending patterns when using a credit card, you should not need to apply for a credit card. If you persist, then the consequences will have an impact on your own financial condition.

Instead of buying something with a credit card you better invest first until the money is enough to buy what you want.

KoinWorks can be a short-term investment option under 2 years for you to use. Interestingly, investing in KoinWorks can be started with limited capital, which is only $ 100,000. Limited capital has the potential to grow more than 18% per year.

When the investment has provided optimal results then you can use these funds to buy something you want.

Whether for a vacation, buying a house, DP a car, education funding, or buying a new smartphone. This way is certainly far wiser than relying on your credit card to get things done.

The conclusion is that a credit card can be a weapon to eat, if you don’t use it wisely. Those are the 5 reasons why your credit card application was not accepted.

We hope that what has been said above will open your mind more so that you can manage your credit card more wisely and not just use it for unnecessary purchases.

The Right Steps to Find Loans Online

Today, there are many banks that offer loans online without a credit card and without collateral. The economy continues to change even though needs continue to increase. This condition certainly makes many people difficult. Looking for a loan of money is one of the most popular alternatives, especially when they have urgent and emergency needs.

However, can you get a fast cash loan without a credit card? The answer is “Yes”. Besides banks, there are also financial institutions that offer similar services. Even without a credit card or without collateral, there are still terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors. The existence of these requirements is not to complicate prospective debtors but is intended to ensure the ability to repay loans.

For completeness of administrative documents, prospective debtors must prepare a valid identity card and salary slip. Because using the online system, the loan applicant or prospective debtor does not need to come to the bank concerned. All verification and approval processes will be notified online and the results can be known by the debtor immediately. Administration fees and loan interest rates will be calculated based on the tenor or loan term. If a problem occurs later, the payment will be rescheduled.

The process of applying for a loan without collateral with this online system is very easy. Nevertheless, banks or lenders still provide conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors. Here are some mandatory requirements that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors to be able to get cash loans online:

Indonesian citizen

Indonesian citizen

This loan product is only intended for people who are Indonesian citizens. To prove this, the debtor candidate must include a valid Resident Card or Sim.



To be able to apply for cash loans online, the age of the prospective debtor is at least 21 years to 60 years. However, most lending institutions will reconsider if the applicant’s age is 60 years because they are considered at risk.


Each online lending service provider has different policies related to the monthly income value of the prospective debtor. The policy is determined by the company’s internal policies and the economic conditions in the area where the institution operates. Here, the minimum wage or regional minimum wage is used as a reference. If the prospective debtor’s income is above the minimum wage, it is probable that the loan application will be approved. conversely, if the fixed income per month is below the minimum wage, it is possible that the loan application will be rejected because it is assumed that the prospective debtor has difficulty meeting basic needs.

Loan Limit

Loan Limit

Most online loans are short term, ranging from 15 to 30 days. The loan limit itself is not large, especially when compared to other loan products. Loan interest charged to debtors is around 1% per day so that in 30 days the debtor must bear 30% interest. Delay in installment payments will also be subject to a penalty. In fact, if the creditor sends the debt collector to the debtor’s house, the debtor is also charged a collection fee that varies between 5 to 10% of the loan value.

Salary slip

Salary slip

This loan product is more suitable for employees who have a fixed salary, but not as a credit card holder and do not have assets to be used as collateral. However, employees who apply for this loan are also required to attach a certificate from their place of work.

To apply for a loan online is quite easy because it does not need to come directly to the financial institution concerned. The following is the loan application process online:

  • Visit the website of the desired financial institution
  • Select the loan amount to be proposed and the loan term
  • If the application is approved, the creditor will contact by telephone or email so that the prospective debtor completes the required documents
  • The debtor will then be sent a sample agreement letter by email to be studied by the debtor.
  • The original agreement will be sent by post to be signed by the prospective debtor
  • After being returned, the creditor will check the debtor’s data. If it meets the requirements, the money will be immediately sent to the debtor’s account.