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Overcome Your Financial Challenges With These Ways

Nine ways to overcome financial difficulties

There are nine ways to overcome financial difficulties. Each of their offers can be used in different financial situations and at different financial times. However, this list should provide some general guidelines for you to remember as you go through your life.

Consider family income

This is how to overcome 8 kinds of financial problems & difficulties. You do not need to choose a particular family budget, but you need to consider how much you can really afford each month. Make a home budget, just make sure it is realistic and not over-budgeted.

Pick a budget

Try not to keep track of every possible expense. You may not know how much is needed to pay your bills and how much is spent by others. The best way to begin is to work out a rough budget. Then you will be able to easily compare your costs with your income and take corrective actions if necessary.

Save money

A good way to save money is to set up a saving and spending plan so that everything fits into your monthly income. If you do not have a savings account, then you may want to get one. If you are serious about saving, there are many resources available. You can get help from a financial planner or ask for the help of family and friends.

Set goals

The more discipline you learn, the better you will be at setting goals. To achieve your goals, write down where you want to be, what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Setting daily goals will help you stick to the plan.

Set a goal: When you are ready to achieve your goal, do not stop until you reach it. Set a specific time frame to accomplish a goal. With this kind of discipline, you will see results sooner than you expected.

Know your priorities

Once you have determined what you want to accomplish for the day, know what is most important. With this knowledge, you will know which tasks are more important than others.

Assess your situation

As you are working to overcome financial challenges, you need to examine your current situation and decide if there is anything you can do to change it. Can you make some changes yourself? Or do you need to seek professional help?

Change your behavior pattern

You can’t fix any problems or challenges unless you change your behavior pattern. You can’t address your financial challenges if you continue to live your life the way you are doing now. Take steps toward changing your way of living and behaving.

Ask for help

If you need more help, or you need to seek professional advice, speak to a friend or someone who knows what they are talking about. You will feel better when you can talk to someone else who understands your situation.

Review your life

Reviewing your life can be a very good idea. This will allow you to see if you have changed and where you need to improve. Often, if we see that we have made a mistake, we can do something about it to correct it.

Learn how to overcome 9 kinds of financial problems & difficulties. Use the tips above and you will feel better than ever.

Promotional offers for loans – is it worth using them?

Nowadays, you often come across promotional loans offered by the bank. While these offers often have significantly lower interest rates and the commission on them is minimal or even zero, sometimes they do not meet the expectations of customers. Sometimes loans of this type are granted only for a year or a maximum of 18 months, and thus, the monthly installment is not considered low.

If someone can afford to pay a slightly higher installment

If someone can afford to pay a slightly higher installment

It will definitely be a very good way for him to buy his dream presents or to implement a holiday. For sure, however, when someone needs cash at that time, it is worth to get acquainted with them.

For example, some banks allow you to conclude a loan agreement for a longer period of time, but then the customer has to take into account the slightly higher interest rate than offered in the promotion.

However, it may very often turn out that this offer will be much better than other, permanently included in the offers of banks addressed to clients. Therefore, it is definitely worth to be interested in them even when these conditions advertised by the bank do not always correspond first. You can find a very good cash loan ranking at this address.

What else do banks offer?

What else do banks offer?

In addition to the fact that banks offer very interesting loans, customers can take advantage of many additional options. Proposing other interesting conditions to clients is one of the options to convince them. Currently, so-called credit holidays are quite popular. It is possible for the customer to postpone repayment of installments for a specified period of time without any consequences.

The bank does not charge interest, and there is no information about it in registers such as BIK. However, the contract usually includes conditions under which this can be done, often it is only possible if the installments are paid regularly or after informing the bank.

However, it is certainly a good option for many people, sometimes temporary financial problems can happen. In order to convince clients to regularly pay their liabilities, banks often organize actions such as, for example, the return of part of the interest paid by the client with regular payment of installments. This is definitely a good way for customers to pay their debts.

Loan without Easy ID

Loans without Easy ID have become much harder than they used to be. When the start of the introduction of Easy ID in 2010, it became possible to apply for loans with Easy ID, and a few years later many loan companies no longer offer loans without the use of Easy ID. The list below is all providers that offer loans without Easy ID.

We advise you to apply for 3 loans and then compare which provider offers the cheapest loan. Of course, it is always easiest to take out loans with Easy ID, but it is possible to get a loan without a Easy ID. You just need to be aware that it takes longer to get a loan without, as you usually have to send mail with ID such as passport or driver’s license. Because the loan provider does not have access to check your personal information. See loans with Easy ID here.

Borrowing without Easy ID

Is not always easy and we can only recommend that you go in and order a Easy ID. You can order your Easy ID right here and read about how the whole Easy ID process works. However, we have compiled a list of loan providers that do not require it.

Look at the different loan providers and choose your loan without a Easy ID. We may not want to discourage loans without Easy ID, but there are more disadvantages than benefits of loans without Easy ID. A fast loan without Easy ID is impossible, and since we know that fast loans without collateral are the customers’ best loans, you are deprived of that opportunity by not using Easy ID. When applying for a loan without Easy ID, the loan provider will require that you otherwise confirm your identity. It can be done in different ways. It may be a copy of passport or driver’s license.

SMS loans without Easy ID

SMS loans without Easy ID

SMS loans without Easy ID are not, as I said, not impossible, but it makes the whole application process more difficult. If you do not have access to Easy ID, it is still an option to get a sms loan. We have compiled a list of loan offers from providers that offer sms loans without having to use Easy ID. You must look through it carefully and choose the loan provider that suits you best.

Even if you are looking for small loans without Easy ID such as SMS loan 1000 or SMS loan 5000, it will take a few days before you receive the money. However, please be aware that it may take up to a few days for you to have the money in your account as the entire application process is no longer 100 percent automatic.

SMS loans, which some lenders call mobile loans, have been popular loans since they appeared. An SMS loan is often a small loan. So if you are looking for small loans or mini loans, then it may be easier to get a loan without Easy ID. Loan 500 and loan 1000 will be some of the smallest minimum loans you can apply for.

Borrow money without Easy ID

Borrow money without Easy ID

Borrowing money without Easy ID is not easy right away. Loans Without Your Easy ID There are no longer many loan providers offering. Loans without using Easy ID make the entire loan process slow and not so secure. Borrowing without Easy ID means a slow process because when you apply for a loan without one’s Easy ID, the loan provider will not automatically be able to credit you.

There are many people who borrow money online because they find that the loan options in the banks are unsatisfactory and too bureaucratic. A report on quick loans, which you can read here, you can see that many consumers have not even considered going to the bank to apply for a loan.

Many people are looking for small loans like loan 5000, which means they have the opportunity to assess whether they can pay back on time. Loans without Easy ID mean that documents may need to be sent back and forth physically. Loans without Easy ID may be able to send the papers electronically.

You can safely say that Easy ID is actually a very secure way of sending confidential and sensitive messages. There are rare mistakes that will delay or prevent a loan loss. Loan with Easy ID means that the money with 100% security will be deposited into your account associated with your Easy ID. Everything is both easier and faster when using Easy ID.

Lending without Easy ID

Lending without Easy ID

Lending without Easy ID can be done. But why would you want to apply for a loan without using your Easy ID? There can be some sensible explanations for that. There are some people who do not use Easy ID. It may be that they do not trust the system or may be exempt from receiving electronic mail. If you do not have your key card. You may have misplaced it and cannot find it. It may be that you did not receive your new key card and therefore do not have the option to apply for a loan unless you apply for a loan without a Easy ID.

Does it matter to the price of the loan that you apply for a loan without your Easy ID? It shouldn’t do that, but to find out you need to compare some loan offers. You must apply for loans of the same amount and maturity.

Price Comparison Credit | Credit Rates

Price comparison considers a selection of providers with which commission agreements exist. The band cracked cheap bitter heine judgment character have dispute loan price comparison credit. Comparison construction money price comparison term credit The outside world can be hardened three times is pointless. The most rewarding view is running through christ’s larger loan comparison loan online price comparison. Today, loans are used for very different purposes.

Investigation by ConPolicy

Investigation by ConPolicy

In fact, it was assumed that the adoption of the Consumer Credit Directive into national law in 2010 would facilitate the comparison of credit prices, since the creative power of financial institutions wishing to distribute their products does not always play with open cards. Therefore – because the white goats are always among the white goats – an institute operating in Austria commissioned a study which was carried out in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Austria.

Clearly by means of an exemplary substitution example, contain the following standard data: the fixed or variable rate of borrowing and consumer information, which may be included in total credit costs; in the case of a combined fixed and variable borrowing rate, the duration of the fixed rate of borrowing; the entire loan amount; the annual percentage of the load; the total price payable by the consumer and the amount of the installments.

Above all, the annual percentage is significant in that it should include all expenses incurred. Of course, because the cost of borrowing, ie the nominal or borrowed rate, depends on the applicant’s creditworthiness, it is also crucial how one views a “representative creditworthiness”. The effective interest rate was questioned by the authors of the study because it was difficult to control as it often depended on creditworthiness and negotiating ability.

It should be noted, however, that if the effective interest rate is calculated incorrectly, there is no risk for the consumer:

Consumer loan

It should be noted, however, that if the effective interest rate is calculated incorrectly, there is no risk for the consumer:

if the effective interest rate is too low, the nominal or borrowed capital interest must be reduced to such an extent that the effective interest rate is correct. Although the annual percentage was often available, its visibility was similar to the other data, so the significance of this value was not apparent.

Particularly disturbing, however, would be the unrealistic, only supposedly “representative” copies, which can assume a higher creditworthiness than conventional borrowers. It can, in contrast to the consumer associations send all offers and also check whether the items mentioned in the display are really repesentative. In this context, the authors of the study also refer to the German and British regulations, according to which the prerequisites for representation are set by law: In Germany two-thirds of customers and in the UK even 51% of customers must be able to the concrete To take out loans on the terms offered.

Ranking of payday loans this year

Ranking of payday loans this year is a list of the best online loans. Thanks to such comparisons it is possible to choose the best offer among all the offers available on the financial market. Each statement is characterized by variables defining a given product. See how payday loans work online. And so the interest rate, loan size, type of contract, and additional costs affect the ranking.

These are the most important elements that help us make the perfect choice. Guided by the ranking of payday loans in this year, we have the opportunity to compare current changes on the short-term loans market. As a rule, many companies very often change their predisposition to inference to gain a new pool of consumers.

Ranking of payday loans this year

Ranking of payday loans January 2020

Thanks to the rankings, we have the opportunity to compare the product and choose what we need on this basis. Information on local cash transactions. By choosing this year from the payday loans ranking, we can save a lot of time because all relevant data we use when choosing cash is at hand. Even if the ranking includes a list of 40-50 non-bank companies providing payday loans, we can efficiently and quickly decide on the most optimal offer for us.

Offers also stand out because of the amount of cash we can receive. New payday loans on the online market. For the first loans, many companies use a simplified interest form eliminating this inconvenience from the contract. Hence, it is worth reviewing the ranking of payday loans this year to find out which company introduced free loans and which introduced additional bonuses when taking payday loans.

From this it is easy to notice that the ranking of payday loans this year is a very favorable combination that allows you to get current information about the product and its profits.

Loan news for an online Credit

Loan news for an online Credit

The lists contain the best financial opportunities that will allow you to temporarily increase your budget. Holidays, shopping, unexpected expenses sometimes get in our way when there is a shortage of cash. Thanks to the payday rankings, we can safely and easily make the right choice. It is thanks to such information that we can choose an offer that stands out from the competition.

It is better and more practical to choose from one reliable statement on one website than to compare offers from 50 pages and write down the most important information on a piece of paper. How we use good assistance. Thanks to payday rankings, we will save time and often also money because we will choose the offer with the best interest rate. Then all we have to do is send the application to the lender and enjoy fast cash on our account.

5 Reasons Credit Cards Are Rejected, Even though You Have a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score will provide you with a range of benefits, one of which is to get a low interest rate when applying for a loan.

The problem is that despite having a good credit score, credit card applications are still rejected and not approved.

What’s going on here? Well, the 5 reasons below might be the reason why credit cards are rejected despite having a good credit score.

You have no income

You have no income

The credit card issuer needs to verify your income and ability to pay credit. Therefore, those who do not have income will find it difficult to get a credit card.

The reason for the refusal is understandable because the card issuer wants to ensure that they will be paid back for any existing debt.

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

If you have had financial problems with a credit card issuer or lender in the past, then this might be the reason why your credit card application was declined.

Even if you have now repaired the credit, your credit history in the past will still be recorded and known.

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is one of the factors that determine the health of your credit. Ideally, you should take advantage of credit at 30% of the limit obtained.

You are not a customer who gives a profit

In the end the reason credit card issuers do not accept submissions because you are deemed unprofitable for them.

Maybe it’s because you don’t use a previously-owned credit card or prefer to take part in a low interest program when there is a promotion. Remember that, credit card issuing banks look for consumers that allow them to generate income.

Have Many Credit Cards

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

Having too many credit cards can be a bad thing because it means consumers are trying to get more credit and it is likely to be difficult to repay.

What are the benefits of credit cards? If you can not control spending patterns when using a credit card, you should not need to apply for a credit card. If you persist, then the consequences will have an impact on your own financial condition.

Instead of buying something with a credit card you better invest first until the money is enough to buy what you want.

KoinWorks can be a short-term investment option under 2 years for you to use. Interestingly, investing in KoinWorks can be started with limited capital, which is only $ 100,000. Limited capital has the potential to grow more than 18% per year.

When the investment has provided optimal results then you can use these funds to buy something you want.

Whether for a vacation, buying a house, DP a car, education funding, or buying a new smartphone. This way is certainly far wiser than relying on your credit card to get things done.

The conclusion is that a credit card can be a weapon to eat, if you don’t use it wisely. Those are the 5 reasons why your credit card application was not accepted.

We hope that what has been said above will open your mind more so that you can manage your credit card more wisely and not just use it for unnecessary purchases.

The Right Steps to Find Loans Online

Today, there are many banks that offer loans online without a credit card and without collateral. The economy continues to change even though needs continue to increase. This condition certainly makes many people difficult. Looking for a loan of money is one of the most popular alternatives, especially when they have urgent and emergency needs.

However, can you get a fast cash loan without a credit card? The answer is “Yes”. Besides banks, there are also financial institutions that offer similar services. Even without a credit card or without collateral, there are still terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors. The existence of these requirements is not to complicate prospective debtors but is intended to ensure the ability to repay loans.

For completeness of administrative documents, prospective debtors must prepare a valid identity card and salary slip. Because using the online system, the loan applicant or prospective debtor does not need to come to the bank concerned. All verification and approval processes will be notified online and the results can be known by the debtor immediately. Administration fees and loan interest rates will be calculated based on the tenor or loan term. If a problem occurs later, the payment will be rescheduled.

The process of applying for a loan without collateral with this online system is very easy. Nevertheless, banks or lenders still provide conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors. Here are some mandatory requirements that must be fulfilled by prospective debtors to be able to get cash loans online:

Indonesian citizen

Indonesian citizen

This loan product is only intended for people who are Indonesian citizens. To prove this, the debtor candidate must include a valid Resident Card or Sim.



To be able to apply for cash loans online, the age of the prospective debtor is at least 21 years to 60 years. However, most lending institutions will reconsider if the applicant’s age is 60 years because they are considered at risk.


Each online lending service provider has different policies related to the monthly income value of the prospective debtor. The policy is determined by the company’s internal policies and the economic conditions in the area where the institution operates. Here, the minimum wage or regional minimum wage is used as a reference. If the prospective debtor’s income is above the minimum wage, it is probable that the loan application will be approved. conversely, if the fixed income per month is below the minimum wage, it is possible that the loan application will be rejected because it is assumed that the prospective debtor has difficulty meeting basic needs.

Loan Limit

Loan Limit

Most online loans are short term, ranging from 15 to 30 days. The loan limit itself is not large, especially when compared to other loan products. Loan interest charged to debtors is around 1% per day so that in 30 days the debtor must bear 30% interest. Delay in installment payments will also be subject to a penalty. In fact, if the creditor sends the debt collector to the debtor’s house, the debtor is also charged a collection fee that varies between 5 to 10% of the loan value.

Salary slip

Salary slip

This loan product is more suitable for employees who have a fixed salary, but not as a credit card holder and do not have assets to be used as collateral. However, employees who apply for this loan are also required to attach a certificate from their place of work.

To apply for a loan online is quite easy because it does not need to come directly to the financial institution concerned. The following is the loan application process online:

  • Visit the website of the desired financial institution
  • Select the loan amount to be proposed and the loan term
  • If the application is approved, the creditor will contact by telephone or email so that the prospective debtor completes the required documents
  • The debtor will then be sent a sample agreement letter by email to be studied by the debtor.
  • The original agreement will be sent by post to be signed by the prospective debtor
  • After being returned, the creditor will check the debtor’s data. If it meets the requirements, the money will be immediately sent to the debtor’s account.

Find Cheap Loans for Christmas and Ski Holidays Online

Christmas is an expensive time filled with costs for Christmas breakfasts, gifts, fun and if the family is going on holiday. There are many Danish families who choose to go on Christmas or ski holidays during December.

We take a closer look at your options for making Christmas loans in 2019. The loan market is a large and dynamic size that is constantly changing. Already since 2013, several new providers have entered the market.

Get a thorough insight into Good Finance’s options, so you’ll be well prepared to borrow money for Christmas, skiing or winter holidays online.

Loans for Christmas and ski holidays

Loans for Christmas and ski holidays

Apply from $ 1,000 to $ 400,000 online

When you need to make a Christmas loan, it can be for many purposes. It can be as loans for Christmas gifts, events, ski holidays or Christmas in general.

The clear advantage of applying for loans online is that the companies do not interfere with the purpose. You don’t have to “defend” what you need the money for. In many ways, it is easier and faster to get approved online, compared to the bank.

Your loan options range from USD 1,000 to 400,000 through providers such as Bank Good Credit and E-Money Bank, which are currently offering the highest amounts. But who offers what and what requirements do they have?

This preparation has been done by Good Finance. for you. We have created an overview of the best and most modern providers. Note that your purpose does not have a major impact on your options. Most people don’t ask for it at all.

Need money for the family ski vacation?

Need money for the family ski vacation?

Do you urgently need money for family skiing? In many Danish families, it is a tradition to leave every year, but money is not always enough. If you need a smaller loan, you will have good opportunities to make it online.

All you have to do is apply for a ski vacation loan from various providers and you will typically get a response within 24 hours.

So you can quickly get more loan offers if you otherwise have a reasonable income. Several providers will even require you to be at least 20 years old. The price of a ski holiday varies greatly depending on whether you are a couple or a family who is going away.

The destination is similarly important. A ski holiday in Val Thorens, France, will be significantly more expensive than a trip to Trysil in Norway.

In other words, a ski holiday can cost anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 dollars person, depending on the number of days.

Therefore, before borrowing money for skiing holidays, you should have considered the following:

  • Where are you going and what are the prices?
  • Is it an adult or family trip?
  • In case of large money demand – could there be cheaper alternatives?

Particularly point 3 is crucial if you have had trouble approving a loan application so far. For with a cheaper destination, your borrowing requirements will be less and the chance of approval greater.

The trend is quite clear


When you look at the many ski resorts in Europe. Norway is for small and large families, or for untrained skiers. Here the slopes are typically shorter and less steep.

If you go to France, Italy or Austria, the slopes will be significantly longer and the difficulty level is generally higher. At the same time, ski areas are more appealing to adult or youth trips. Not for families with children.

Our recommendations for the skiing

  • Families with children and untrained skiers: Norway
  • Youth tours, trained skiers, adult group: France, Italy and Austria.

By extension, it should be mentioned that Norway is generally significantly cheaper. If you first take to southern skies with snow, the price will be significantly higher.

How to find out your credit history, how to check your credit history for free online

The majority of the population of the Republic of Latvia has already come across it, especially those who have used credit offers or car leasing.

But what does “credit history” mean, and why do bank staff pay so much attention to credit applications? What can you find in your credit history and how do the borrower find out this information? These are the issues we will address in our article today .

What does “credit history” mean


The credit history is identical to the financial liability statement that is created for a particular person. The credit history contains not only information about the loans already repaid , but also the person’s current liabilities. In addition to the basic information, the credit history also includes information on how each previous loan was repaid in good faith and whether the client is fully discharging his or her obligations to the utility companies (taking into account unpaid housing maintenance payments).

The proper execution of any of your financial obligations (loan repayments and utility bills) is the direct path to a clean and undamaged credit history that you will still need when applying for a cash loan, leasing, mortgage or car loan.

Not only banks, but also leasing companies can use the credit history database. In order to test yourself, it is advisable to review your personal credit history before each investor visit.

Individuals or prospective borrowers can check their details

Individuals or prospective borrowers can check their details

Verify their ideal credit file and then go to the lender for financial assistance. In this case, the probability that the potential borrower will be denied is zero.

For creditors, such a database is proof of the customer’s responsibility and good faith when applying for leasing or borrowing money. By looking at the credit database, the lender can immediately track the trend of past and present repayments. Often, it is this fact which is decisive when considering an application.

Completing all of the loan repayment terms can help you not to worry about your financial reputation. But it is enough to delay bills when negative marks appear in your credit history.

Such information is entered into the general database of the borrower and will be kept there for the next 5 years. In the event that the overdue payment has already been repaid together with the total credit debt, the negative information will also be visible to other credit organizations throughout this period.

Each bank or any other company you are processing a financial transaction in will enter their information about you in the credit history database. Later on, your future credit will be reviewed by a future investor in case you want to take out a loan again or apply for a lease.

What are the features of credit history?

What are the features of credit history?

For a potential borrower, the characteristics of their credit history influence various issues in the design of their next financial products . For example, if you have a perfect credit history and you decide to buy a new TV at a popular online store, you have a number of advantages over others who want to buy the same new TV model. Why: Firstly, you will certainly not be denied the option to purchase the installment, and secondly, you will be offered the most favorable terms. As a result, you will receive the TV as soon as it is shipped to your city and pay its value without the high commissions and annual rates.

The management of such stores, after applying for a hire purchase, will first check your reputation in the Solvency Database. If your credit history is “not dirty” and you have been “great” with many liabilities, then the creditor has no reason not to trust you. That is why he will offer you a number of perks, which will allow you to save substantially on your purchase.

How to pay for investment loan facilities

Investment credit or investment loan is a credit product provided by banking institutions with the aim of helping investors or business owners finance the construction of new projects or fund the expansion of existing projects. Most investment loans are used to finance the procurement of buildings, machinery, land, equipment, office inventory, infrastructure and initial working capital.

Investment loan

Investment loan

Investment loans are different from short-term corporate loans as well as working capital loans, which are mostly used to finance the increasing needs of companies or businesses, especially in terms of inventory and trade receivables. Investment credit or investment loan is often also referred to as a project funding facility or project financingng facility because it is the main target is to help fund projects that require very large funds.

However, funds issued by banks in the form of investment loans are not entirely in accordance with financing needs but only in part. In this case, the main source of financing must still come from the business owner himself or equity financing, investors or shareholder loans. In most cases, investment loans get the largest percentage of the total cost of development or projects, it can be 60 or even up to 80 percent of the total costs needed.

Different from other types of credit, investment loans are given in tenures or relatively long periods of time. Some banks even offer tenors of up to 15 years. The tenor is adjusted to the purpose of using the funds, which is to help finance the procurement of the company’s fixed assets which will generally be used for a relatively long period of time.

Another important thing to understand is that most banks offering investment credit products provide a grace period for repayment of loans obtained by debtors. The grace period is generally adjusted to the period needed by the debtor to complete the project and carry out a trial period. During the construction period, banks often also provide a grace period of interest payments that can be used by the debtor.

Payment of investment loans

It is generally done in installments or installments. Installments begin when the installment payment period ends. For installment payment schedules can vary – each bank, there are those that apply a monthly, quarterly, semester system and some even use the annual method.

For the amount of funds needed by each debtor in general varies, depending on the business sector they work at. For example, the amount of funds needed by a company engaged in mining will certainly be far greater when compared to the needs of companies engaged in the handicraft industry.

Investment credit facility

Investment credit

In the investment loan product there is also an investment credit facility commonly referred to as a Long Term Acceptance or Term Loan which is a credit facility provided to debtors who take credit for more than 1 year. In this facility, debtors are allowed to withdraw funds simultaneously or gradually depending on the agreements made previously with the creditor. According the payment can be done in installments or gradually.

The following are the types of Term Loan facilities based on the method of repayment or payment:

  • Term Loan or TL

Ie, an investment credit facility where the payment is done in stages or in installments or installments

  • Term Loan Grace Period (TLG)

That is a facility in investment credit where the method of payment only covers credit interest because the principal and interest begin at the end of the Grace Period.

  • Home Term Loan (TLP)

That is a facility in an investment credit where the payment is done in stages or in installments with the same principal amount every month and interest payments follow the outstanding.

It must be understood that the greater the number of loans obtained from investment loan products, the risk that must be borne will also be even greater, especially considering the credit tenure is fairly long. Even so, if it turns out that the assisted project is running well and produces good profits, then this credit product can be one source of income that is very beneficial to banking institutions. That is because the interest earned from investment loans will be obtained in the long term according to the tenor loan taken by the debtor.