Harvest loan waiver only benefits ruling party members, Stalin claims

The DMK chairman said the loan waiver announced by the TN government would only benefit AIADMK men who had received large numbers of loans.

DMK Chairman MP Stalin said the government of Tamil Nadu crop loan exemption announcement was only made for the benefit of AIADMK men, who had benefited in large numbers from loans from cooperative societies.

“It is not in the interests of real farmers,” Stalin said at a conference here on Sunday, as part of the “Stalin in your constituency” event. He said the government “set up a similar drama” in 2016, also in which it was announced that farmers with up to 5 acres of land would get their harvest loans canceled from cooperative societies.

When the South Indian Rivers Link Movement approached the Madurai High Court to request a crop loan waiver for all farmers, the court allowed their prayer. “However, the state government, while pressuring borrowers to repay the loan with interest, appealed this decision to the Supreme Court. Now, with an eye on the polls of the Assembly and for the benefit of the men of AIADMK, Mr. Palaniswami has released the waiver of the harvest loan, ”accused Mr. Stalin.

Recalling that his father, and then the then chief minister, Mr. Karunanidhi, signed the order waiving a harvest loan of 7,000 crore immediately after taking office in 2006, the chairman of DMK said that Mr. Palaniswami had only made the announcement and that the official government ordinance in this regard was yet to be signed. He claimed that the late MG Ramachandran, while in DMK, was impressed by Mr. Stalin’s party-related work and wanted Karunanidhi’s family to be protected for the welfare of Tamil Nadu.

Mr Stalin called on voters to join the DMK “to save troubled Tamil Nadu” as the current AIADMK government has failed miserably to address the problems even in the chief minister’s home districts. and the Deputy Chief Minister.

Heavily attacking Social Affairs Minister Adi Dravida VM Rajalakshmi, representing the Assembly constituency of Sankarankovil (reserved), Mr Stalin said that she had done nothing for the welfare of caste students and Listed Tribes, whose scholarship amount had been reduced by the Union. Government.

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