Popeyes to launch chocolate-filled donuts across the United States

Popeyes, a chicken sandwich supplier and popular New Orleans fast food chain, has just rolled out chocolate donuts to its menu in select locations. A national release will follow soon.

Foodbeast reassures Readers hungry that they won’t have to head to the Big Easy for this delicious treat – the online food magazine was able to find the donuts on Popeyes menus located in Massachusetts, Boston included. A Popeyes rep contacted by Foodbeast confirmed that while chocolate-filled donuts are currently only found in a few places, they will eventually make their US debut on an undisclosed date.

The chocolate-filled donuts will be available in three different servings: three for $ 1.99, six for $ 3.99, and a dozen for just $ 7.49. Such a small price for so much happiness.

Donuts have been a staple of New Orleans cuisine for quite some time (and are, in fact, the state’s official donut). The square fried dough topped with powdered sugar first entered the city’s culinary scene in the 18th century all this thanks to the French immigrants who settled there and who have stayed there ever since.

High-end donuts were certainly popularized in part thanks to the famous Café Du Monde, a beer garden famous for its chewy donuts. An old article starring Café Du Monde claims that a lady from New England who swore she would never eat a donut ended up laughing at four donuts after agreeing to try just one.

If she was living in Massachusetts at the time, she would probably be heading to Popeyes right now.

While waiting for the chocolate-filled donuts to release at your local Popeyes, try to calm your appetite with an apple pie with cinnamon of the chain, just in time for fall.

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