5 of the coolest new features

The next software update for the iPhone is almost here. Read on to check out some of the cooler features – and there’s also a really cool update on how you can use Shazam. Read about it here.

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1. AirTag update

If an AirTag is in lost mode, if someone finds it and has an iPhone or NFC-enabled gadget to read contact details, especially your phone number. With this update, you’ll be able to put an email address instead of a phone number, so if your AirTag is found, you can choose how the Gender Finder will bring you together with your stuff.

Additionally, an NFC device will only see a partial owner’s phone number on an AirTag in lost mode.

2. Updating your iPhone out of beta

If you’ve used public beta versions before, you’ll know that one of the most annoying things is when you have had enough of the beta and want to go back to general releases. Not only do you have to remove the beta profile, but you have to start the whole registration process of your iPhone again when there is a new beta that you want to try.

With iOS 14.6, you can upgrade to the release candidate without removing the beta.

In fact, there is also an Also available item in the software update which, at the moment, allows users to choose to stay with iOS 14.6 or update to iOS 4.7, as is also in public beta. Already!

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3. Apple card sharing

As Anthony Karcz surmised on Forbes, here the fact that Apple has said the Apple Card Family Sharing will be coming soon, it seems very likely that it could land with iOS 14.6. This has now been confirmed by Apple in its update notes.

The idea of ​​Apple Card Sharing is that you can add additional users to your Apple Card, or merge accounts if a married couple had separate ones.

Users over 18 get a titanium card and are eligible for credit reports when using their card.

4. Podcast app subscriptions

There are several podcast updates to come, including the return of an option to mark everything as read. Not to mention a way to remove downloads.

And you’ll be able to subscribe to channels, not just individual shows.

5. Update Apple Music

This isn’t confirmed by any of Apple’s notes on what’s in iOS 14.6, but it looks like the introduction of lossless, high-resolution, lossless audio files and Dolby Atmos will come with iOS 14.6.

Along with these enhanced levels of listening quality will come Spatial Audio, which creates a sort of surround sound effect.

This is all very exciting, although it needs the right equipment to get the most out of it. AirPods Pro, for example, can handle Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos, but not losslessly. This is because music is played from iPhone to AirPods Pro via Bluetooth, which cannot handle losslessly.

Apple just released more details on what the AirPods Max will do – read all the details here.

While not on the same scale as iOS 14.5, there are other things to come in this upcoming update as well. Like the update of the Apple TV Siri remote control icon, to coincide with the release of the new model for Apple TV. Or the ability for voice command users to unlock iPhone with their voice after restarting the phone.

And fixes for issues like unlocking with Apple Watch, which will work again after using Lock iPhone on Apple Watch.

When does this happen?

It’s almost here and while no date has been announced yet, I would say it’s probably in the week to come, maybe Tuesday May 25 or Thursday May 27.

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