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Biomutant is a unique action-adventure RPG set in a beautiful world inspired by kung fu. The title borrows heavily from other games and has gone largely under the radar since its announcement almost four years ago. It’s finally here, and reviews are starting to reveal whether the long-awaited delivers everything it promises.

The initial response to Biomutant was mixed. Critics appreciate the art direction and ideas of the title, but come across bugs and hollow content. Here is what they say.

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Luke Reilly, IGN: “To his credit, the path Biomutant merging all of its components together has resulted in something that is in fact unique, at least in a broad sense. It’s certainly the only open-world post-post-apocalyptic kung fu action RPG featuring anthropomorphic animals that I’ve ever played. The main letdown is that the structure of the game that all of these ingredients have been injected into is anything but unique, with objectives and tasks blatantly recycled or changed mission after mission.

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Biomutant Monster Duel review

With a great enemy creature design, a rich and diverse world, and loads of combat and customization choices, Biomutant contains many building blocks of a top action RPG. It’s only really missing a few, but those are big issues: Its cookie-cutter approach to objectives and puzzles makes it seem like two generations are lagging behind other action games in the world. open world, and that leaves the quest to bring all the things together feel repetitive from the start. ”

Alice Bell, Rock Paper Shotgun: “It’s all a frying spark or a rifle gun or a chugyard. It was like running a grater over my brain while being forced to watch consecutive episodes of In the night garden. I skipped so many conversations. And you can’t hate it, sure, but Biomutant tries to engage with serious themes around morality and war and so on at the same time. It’s definitely a bit dissonant talking to a fat guy who heavily implies he’s an alcoholic and uses words like nim-him-bibble to do it.

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But even without it, too much is happening Biomutant. Maybe if it weren’t for so many unnecessary things, the developers could have spent more time making the boring bits less boring. Make these menus clearer and easier to use, properly tag critical QTEs in boss fights, and tighten the combat lock to make fights feel less chaotic and you can be more intentional with your attacks. Who knows? In the end, there’s not much wrong with Biomutant, it’s more than the bits that are wrong are ubiquitous, and you have to wade through alien lint to take advantage of the bits that are correct. Really cool hats, though. ”

James Davenport, PC gamer:Biomutant looks like it’s gonna be a lot more, but in practice it’s an endless stream of new ideas going nowhere and beautiful toxic landscapes with little to offer except an excuse to use photo mode. (I’m at 127 screenshots and counting.) It’s particularly disappointing because BiomutantThe nonchalant, upbeat take on the post-apocalypse is a refreshing end-time take, with a weasel dressed like Elvis for every fascist cannibalistic emperor in Fall.

But if you do away with the gangly, affable muppets, all that’s left is a broken open world RPG with nothing else to uncover except another cheap riff on the same color-matched puzzle stuck on a rotary phone or a microwave or whatever. At least it looks amazing. ”

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Biomutants Review Cliff

Marcus Stewart, Game Informant: “Much like its gene-spliced ​​protagonist, Biomutant is a mishmash of ideas sewn together to form what is ultimately a mixed bag. The game combines open world design elements with elegant action, guns, crafting, a character system, and more. Like many jacks-of-all-trades, he ends up being a master of nothing, and a thick layer of technical jank on top of half-baked ideas makes Biomutant feel like a feature creep case that needed to be reduced.

Biomutant constantly shows glimmers of promise, but it takes patience and a pair of rose-colored glasses to see them. I really hated my first few hours with the game, but once I crafted cooler weapons that made combat more tolerable, or admired another postcard-worthy sight, I felt more disappointed than anything. Biomutant has all the ingredients for a unique and entertaining adventure. He spends too much time doing everything possible to try to impress his audience instead of polishing his handful of strengths. ”

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Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku: “It’s a shame Biomutant is not better software. His world is unique, the way he mixes different fighting styles is fun, and it’s a visual treat to watch on a large 4K TV. But countless bugs, performance issues, overly talkative NPCs, boring quest design, and general sense of jank make it difficult to enthusiastically share this game with people. If you can take the rough edges and don’t mind a boring narrator, you might have a good time with Biomutant. There is certainly a lot to be done. But if you prefer more stable games, I advise you to wait. ”

Biomutant Review Snow Flying

Zoey Handley, Destructoid: “I can complain about Biomutantits shortcomings until the gnoats came home, but I think it would make it seem like I didn’t like the game. On the contrary, I really enjoyed it. Exploring her world was a joy, finding a new “ ultimate weapon ” that I could take apart and turn into an even better weapon was always thrilling, and she continued to provide new experiences throughout her execution. Combat is fun, letting you mix and match different abilities to find the best way to inflict pain. It also does a good job of giving you the choice of how you approach the game, giving you a plethora of options, and just letting you choose what you want to do.

There are just a lot of loose screws, which is horrible on a roller coaster, but not quite the same omen of death in a video game. I think the team did their best to put all the little pieces together, and the resulting amount of content is staggering for a budget title developed by a small team. I honestly think that BiomutantThe latter’s potential won’t be fully realized until a sequel, spiritual or otherwise, but what’s here is perfectly entertaining. ”

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